Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey

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There was a time when the entire media consisted of TV, newspapers, and magazines. To share their messages, companies ran commercials on TV and put advertisements in newspapers and magazines. It was the only for companies to reach consumers and simply said, this was a one-way street. That is, the method was very simple but it was difficult to get any feedback.

This kind of media has undergone significant changes. Various web media have appeared through the development of the internet and methods for information sharing have become more diverse. However, the thing that brought the biggest change is mobile media. As the domestic smart phone market has already reached 20 million users with KT's i-phone, the smart phone has seized the top spot for popular media sharing tools. While Twitter and Facebook spread very quickly, promotions, blogs, and marketing done through homepages are shifting emphasis to SNS from the standard environments which were formerly the main force of online promotion channels. 

With this changing media environment, the importance of promotions and marketing must be carefully considered. Hard work must be undertaken in order to effectively manage the diversified media networks. Also, the speed of dispersion is very fast. Sharing and managing the main elements involves an increase in workload that is beyond description.

However, this work is not to be avoided and it is the reality of the new media environment. Because promotion and marketing must always be at the forefront, this rising media is the target to strive for. 

The Web Moving to Mobile, and Applications

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Computer monitors are getting bigger by the day. From the days of a 17-inch CRT monitor with a 1024×768 resolution, to a 17-inch LCD monitor with 1280×1024, and then there are wide-screen monitors with 1680×1050 or even 1920×1080 resolution. Now a somewhat large monitor has a resolution up to 2560×1440. Because of this technology, websites are also effectively applying larger screens and are using high-resolution designs to display better images. 

However, the mobile environment is different. Even with a tablet PC, the largest size of a smartphone screen is on the recently released galaxy note 5-inch LCD screen. Even with the highest possible resolution, homepages that are designed for wide-screen monitors can not be viewed properly on such a small screen. Because of this, for the purpose of promotions, companies with homepages also have other webpages that are applicable to mobile devices.  

We dealt with the issue of homepages in the first section. Here we would like to deal with mobile homepages but just like in the first section, let's make comparisons with the NHL. The Asian League and NHL homepages have distinct differences in quality as viewed on PC monitors. This is also the case for mobile homepages. Actually, they are not even comparable at all. That's because the Asian League doesn't even have a mobile homepage.

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So what should the clubs do? Halla recently started a mobile homepage. There is not yet any news from High-One. Even when you put in the High-One sports club address in the smartphone, you get connected with the mobile page for High-One Resort. This bewildering situation has been neglected for over a year.  

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Differentiating between the homepage for PC screens and the homepage for mobile devices is a very basic step, but it is very important. This is because the homepage needs to maximize the visual effect. Effective differentiation of the two screen sizes can increase the practical application. The screen components, functions, and arrangements are necessarily different.

Actually homepage management is the most passive element in promotions and marketing. We could even say that it's a half-hearted effort. A more active method is to make and spread mobile applications for smartphones or a tablet PC.

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There are various opinions about which direction mobile websites will develop related to mobile applications and mobile web browsers. However, my opinion is that we won't see a level comparable to functions and independent applications applied by websites using HTML 5. Clubs and league officials can effectively put on live on-site broadcasts and fan events that can't be achieved on websites using applications. If ice hockey becomes more popular in the future, then applications can offer another advantage. Actually the NHL offers various information through the application called NHL GameCenter 2011-2012. This application has a free basic version and a premium version which costs $19.95. The pay application offers live game coverage, highlight videos, and other action to see and hear.

Active Communication! SNS Marketing

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Marketing with homepages, mobile homepages, and mobile applications, including marketing using platforms such as twitter or facebook, can be described as marketing using direct conversation and participation. At present, every club presents live coverage of every game using twitter. Fans who are unable to attend games can follow games live on naver sports through instant messaging.

However there is also something we need to consider. That is the status of the account which displays the information. Marketing through twitter or facebook can not be done in the same way as existing marketing which conveys information in one direction. It is necessary to connect with people on an equal level in order to communicate and share with each other like friends. Halla's live broadcasts on twitter maintain this kind of feeling.

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However, at any time and place, communication is possible through SNS. Instead of communicating with lengthy phrases, it is a platform which supports simple communication with a friendly feeling. But live coverage using phrases is not a simple form of communication. The elements of a report which conveys a precise feeling are very strong. Moreover, because the action is not actually seen by people, the principle should be to convey information in the most accurate and concise way. This is lacking in Halla's twitter broadcasts. From Halla's point of view, although they are communicating directly with fans, there is a feeling of simply passing along ideas not from a professional broadcaster, but just the ideas of a regular fan at the game, so the feeling of professionalism is lacking from the broadcast. There are some things stated that would probably make the opposing team upset. When certain lines are crossed during a game broadcast, fans do not have a completely good impression about the broadcast. Words are stated on a twitter broadcast like flowing water, and once the words are said, they can not be taken back. Therefore, keeping in mind that negative statements could create a bad situation, broadcasts should be made from the account of a team representative.

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This past October 19th, at the away match between Halla and Cranes, the game was broadcast live on Twitter by Cranes fan @itotchip_sub. Through the application called Tweetcasting, anyone with a smartphone that can capture video, would be able to create and view broadcasts. If ice hockey increases in popularity and games are broadcast on TV, then this type of Twittercast would be unnecessary, but until then, these types of broadcasts through SNS could help fans who are unable to attend games at the rink.

Promotion and marketing is a struggle to occupy the top spot. It is not sufficient to follow trendsetters by simply copying methods which have already been demonstrated to be effective. We must first read what people want and change behaviour before people even have a chance to react. The current generation's trendy code is mobile and social networking. Mobile contents and SNS marketing are that important. If there is a real intention to increase knowledge about games even 1% per year, then homepages, apps, and SNS must be actively grasped.  

In this section, I presented ideas for progressing. In the next section, we will examine the marketing that is already underway.

                                                                            Translation : Peter

아이스하키 발전과 대중화를 위한 필수과제 - 홈페이지 관리, 마케팅 활성화의 필수 요건 1편
Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 1: Homepage Management, Necessary Requirements for Marketing Vitality

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Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 2: On-Site Events, The Core of On-Site Marketing

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Part 3: One Great Photo is Worth Millions in Marketing

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Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 4: Rising Media, Embrace Mobile Devices

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Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 5: The Core of Marketing, Attracting Sponsors

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